Gourmet Fresh Prep

Whole Food Nutrition


3. HEAT AND ENJOY   - Each meal is vacuum sealed and can be heated right in the microwave safe pouch.  -Simply cut a slit in the pouch to vent and enjoy.  -Meals will remain fresh in your refrigerator for up to a week.

select from our Salads & Bowls

  1. Select from our Salads & Bowls menu.

  2. Select add on items & dressings.

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1. CHOOSE YOUR MEALS & ADD ON'S   - Choose all of your meals before the weekly cut off.  Weekly cut off is Wednesday by 12 pm for Sunday delivery

OR From our Weekly Cheat Meal or mix and match between both

Each week on Sunday we announce Chef Amber’s new cheat meal for the week.

2. GET IT DELIVERED   -We do all of the shopping prepping and cooking and we deliver right to your door step.  -All meals are delivered cold in insulated containers so that items stay fresh.  -Deliveries are made early Sunday morning between 7 &10:30 am.  ***There is a 3 item minimum for delivery**


The cut off time for weekly ordering is Friday @ Midnight

All orders are now available for pick up or delivery on Saturdays, between 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm.

Choose your preferred delivery time at check out.