Gourmet Fresh Prep

Whole Food Nutrition




At Gourmet Fresh Prep we provide delicious, fully prepared meal delivery for individuals with a busy lifestyle.

Let us do all the work! Purchase your prepared meals for the entire week and get them delivered right to your home or office the same day! 

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Servicing the Oakland County area

Our meals & Salads are made using fresh, quality ingredients. We only use organic produce, some of which is grown right from our vertical aeroponic gardening system (shown below). We also use Organic pasture raised chicken, Grass Fed beef, and wild caught fish. We have vegan options available as well.


At #GFP we are making it easier for everyone to eat a nutritious meal, without the guilt of stopping to get fast food, or the hassle and time it takes to create cook dinner day after day.

Leave all of the work to us

We do all of the shopping, cooking, cleaning and deliver right to your door. Pick up is also available.

Our mission is to make eating a nutritious meal the easier option. While saving you time so that you can spend more time doing what you love.